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September 19, 2016

Break the Rules, Have Breakfast for Dinner!

Who says breakfast is only reserved for mornings?

Sure, breakfast is the staple that gets our morning off to a good start, but breakfast can be great at any time of the day, especially dinner. Get the kiddos excited about a different kind of dinner that will leave even the pickiest little eater scraping their plate (this could be unfortunate for the family dog).

Try breakfast for dinner and take a night off from mundane meal prepping. Break out of the normal dinner routine, and show the kids youre cool, spontaneous and fun!Here are some breakfast recipes that will help you break bend the rules for dinner.


Voila! Baby French Toast with Creamy Blueberry Stuffing is a twist on traditional French toast and adds flair to breakfast for dinner.


Go international for dinner with Blintzes with Berries stuffed with a sweet creamy filling.


Who can say no to chocolate? Add a little cocoa powder to your waffle batter and create Chocolate Waffles!


No need to wait until morning for donuts. Baked Gluten-Free Honey Lemon Donuts are an alternative to the fried donut, and extra delicious topped with homemade frosting or save some time and try them with our brand new line of Organic Frostings!


Try this Pancake Sandwich for a sweet and savory dinner idea!


Everything tastes better when its bite sized. These Silver Dollar Gingersnap Berry Pancakes are small in size, but big in flavor.

To help sweeten your breakfast for dinner, add Wholesome! Organic Lite Pancake Syrupto your grocery list to complete these meals!

We always want to make grocery shopping easier on you, so print these coupons for your next visit to Whole Foods, Target, Sprouts, etc. Remember, you can always save time by ordering online at Amazon to plan your next breakfast for dinner!