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Zero Calorie Sweeteners (17)

1 . Does Wholesome! Organic Stevia help you lose weight?

When used as part of a balanced diet and exercise regimen Wholesome! Organic Stevia may help you lose weight because it contains no calories.

2 . Are there recipes that call for Wholesome! Organic Stevia on your website?

Yes. We have some delicious recipes that use Organic Stevia. Organic Stevia recipes can be found on our website.

3 . Does Wholesome! Zero pass through your body without being absorbed?

Wholesome! Zero is made up of very small molecules … it is not metabolized, but is absorbed by the kidneys and nearly 96% of it passes through unchanged, the remaining 4% passes through the lower intestine also unchanged. So really, it sweetens gently then goes completely away.

4 . Does Wholesome! Zero cause gassiness, bloating, or digestive disorders?

Any sugar alcohol can have the potential of causing these symptoms if consumed in excess.  Of the sugar alcohols on the market, erythritol is one of the least likely to cause these types of problems, but like all sweeteners, we do recommend that it be used in moderation.

6 . How much sugar does it take to make 1 pound of Zero?

It takes about 2 pounds of sugar to produce 1 pound of Wholesome! Zero.

8 . How is Organic Stevia zero calories if you add inulin?

Technically, Agave Inulin does have a caloric value, as it is a dietary fiber and as such, our bodies can’t metabolize it. It passes through our stomach and into our large intestine. The Inulin has the added benefit of acting as a prebiotic in the intestine.

9 . How is Wholesome! Organic Stevia processed?

Wholesome! Organic Stevia is an enzymatically enhanced full spectrum Stevia leaf extract. We intentionally utilize the full spectrum extraction of sweetness from the whole stevia leaf in order to retain the micronutrient properties of stevia. Extracting only the Reb-A eliminates all of the other herbal benefits stevia can[...]

10 . How do you store Wholesome! Organic Stevia? What is its shelf life?

Store Wholesome! Organic Stevia it in a cool, dry and dark environment preferably in a tightly sealed container. If stored properly our Wholesome! has a 3-year shelf life. Although, it tastes so good we doubt it will last that long!