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Zero Calorie Sweeteners (17)

11 . Does Wholesome! Organic Stevia have a bitter aftertaste?

In blind taste tests, Wholesome! Organic Stevia proved to be, hands down, the best tasting stevia of all the products on the market. Our Organic Stevia locks in the sweetness and eliminates the bitter aftertaste found in many other Stevia products.

12 . Is Wholesome! Organic Stevia safe for diabetics?

We recommend that anyone with a serious health condition consult with their healthcare professional before using any sweetener. Wholesome! Organic Stevia has a 0 glycemic index and does not affect blood glucose levels.

13 . How is Organic Stevia zero calories if you add inulin?

Technically, Agave Inulin does have a caloric value, as it is a dietary fiber and as such, our bodies can’t metabolize it. It passes through our stomach and into our large intestine. The Inulin has the added benefit of acting as a prebiotic in the intestine.

14 . How is Wholesome! Organic Stevia processed?

Wholesome! Organic Stevia is an enzymatically enhanced full spectrum Stevia leaf extract. We intentionally utilize the full spectrum extraction of sweetness from the whole stevia leaf in order to retain the micronutrient properties of stevia. Extracting only the Reb-A eliminates all of the other herbal benefits stevia can[...]

15 . How do you use Wholesome! Organic Stevia? Can I bake with it? If so, what is the measurement in baking when substituting sugar with stevia? Can you cook with it?

Wholesome! Organic Stevia is both pH and temperature stable, making it ideal for use in many foods and beverages. Based on its heat stability, Stevia can be used in most cooking or baking. Every ½ teaspoon of Wholesome! Organic Stevia is equal to two teaspoons of sugar. You[...]

16 . What is the glycemic index for Wholesome! Organic Stevia?

Zero. Organic Stevia has no glycemic index and Organic Blue Agave Inulin is a dietary fiber, which is not metabolized by the body. Organic Blue Agave Inulin does not impact glucose levels the way that other carbohydrates do.

17 . Is Wholesome! Organic Stevia approved by the FDA as a sweetener?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared Stevia for distribution as a food sweetener in the United States in 2008. Wholesome! Organic Stevia is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS approved) by the FDA.