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How do you use Wholesome! Organic Stevia? Can I bake with it? If so, what is the measurement in baking when substituting sugar with stevia? Can you cook with it?

Wholesome! Organic Stevia is both pH and temperature stable, making it ideal for use in many foods and beverages. Based on its heat stability, Stevia can be used in most cooking or baking. Every ½ teaspoon of Wholesome! Organic Stevia is equal to two teaspoons of sugar. You may choose to substitute only half the sugar in your recipe with Wholesome! Organic Stevia, which will give you a baked good just as sweet as the original recipe. Reduce your baking time when adding Wholesome! Organic Stevia to your recipe. The addition of Organic Stevia may speed up the caramelization of the crust during baking, giving your baked goods a crunchy brown crust in a shorter amount of time. Do not adjust baking temperature. Organic Stevia is suitable for baking yeast breads or other leavened baked goods. However, it may also change the texture of baked goods, so please, as always, give recipes a couple of test runs, making modifications as needed.