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How is Wholesome! Organic Stevia processed?

Wholesome! Organic Stevia is an enzymatically enhanced full spectrum Stevia leaf extract. We intentionally utilize the full spectrum extraction of sweetness from the whole stevia leaf in order to retain the micronutrient properties of stevia. Extracting only the Reb-A eliminates all of the other herbal benefits stevia can provide. Our Organic Stevia is a full-spectrum extraction of the whole leaf, not just another Reb A-type stevia product, which means the micronutrients found in the Dulcosides or Reb-D remain. Reb-D, which contains the micronutrients and the bitter note, is removed from many other Stevia products. The natural process used in the production of Wholesome! Organic Stevia improves the stevia’s flavor, eliminating the bitter note common in many stevia products.