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What percent of fructose is in Wholesome! Organic Agaves?

75% fructose, 20% glucose (also called dextrose), with small amounts of inulin and mannitol. Agave is a naturally occurring fructose, much like the fructose in apples. High Fructose Corn Syrup is a manufactured fructose. Corn does not produce fructose naturally it has to be chemically altered. Wholesome! Organic Agave is GMO free as are all Wholesome! products. We always recommend all sweeteners be consumed in moderation and if you are diabetic, watching your weight, or have other health issues, we highly recommend that you speak with your healthcare professional before you choose a sweetener. Wholesome! Organic Blue Agave is a great tasting, low glycemic, versatile sweetener that can be used in place of sugar.