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May 18, 2018

Join the Supper Club: Present Plate

 We love this olive oil cardamom almond cake from Present Plate’s supper club in New York City! This decadent dessert was made with Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar and topped with Wholesome Powdered Sugar. Wholesome is lucky to have one of our own team members, Crystal Lee, as one of the two creators of Present Plate. We love the concept of a supper club bringing people together over delicious food, and feel very honored to be a part of Present Plate’s dinners! Are you apart of a Supper Club? Wholesome would love to sweeten your next one!



A note from the creators:

Here at Present Plate, we create interactive experiences around agriculture, food sourcing and mindfulness in the form of carefully curated dinners, events and retreats. We bring together farmers, manufacturers and eco friendly companies to consumers through selective partnerships. 

The concept is a creation of Lena Elkousy and Crystal Lee, two dear friends who both work in the food space and had the dream to bring people together to learn about the food industry. They are dedicated to helping people take back their health by reconnecting them with the most ancient and effective form of healing – food.

Present Plate is proud to work with Wholesome as their only supplier for all things sweet, and carefully sources only the best, fair trade and organic ingredients to partner with. You can learn a little more on our website at Photography by: Anna Anderson InnaShnayder@Inna.Shnayder-57-300x240