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August 4, 2017

A Sweeter Back-To-School Transition


Going from summertime to back-to-school means earlier bedtimes and fuller morning routines. Here are some simple ways to help sweeten the transition for your kids.

Lunches Your Kids Will Love

A little love goes a long way when it comes to packing lunches for your kids. Show how much you care with a fun-themed sandwich (we’re partial to fish, of course) made with gluten-free bread, sunflower butter and all-fruit jelly. Add baby carrots, celery sticks, fresh berries and, of course, Wholesome DelishFish. These tasty treats are made with real and recognizable ingredients. They’re always a huge hit at the lunch table so be sure to add extra for sharing with new friends. And don’t forget to include a note with a few sweet words of support to your little scholar.

Sweeten Those Sleep Schedules

The transition from summer to school means bedtimes are no longer set by the sun, but by a clock. To help ease that switch the week or two before school, start their bedtime routines 10 minutes earlier each night, and wake them up 10 minutes earlier each morning. Do this every day until they’re back on track and back-to-school will be a breeze. Just don’t forget to readjust your own bedtime schedules too!

Making New Friends

For kids, making new friends is one of the best things about going back to school. Help that transition be even sweeter with this tasty treat idea. Decorate individual packs of DelishFish with little notes and have your kids hand them out on the playground, bus ride or at the lunch table. These tasty treats are full of organic goodness and better-for-you ingredients that both moms and kids love.

Contest Time!

We want to make back-to-school time even sweeter with our Google Home and DelishFish treat giveaway! Tell us how you plan to sweeten the back-to-school transition by commenting on the post at the top of our Facebook page. Winners will be selected at random. One grand prize winner will receive a Google Home and schools of DelishFish for your little scholar to share with new friends. Two winners will receive free DelishFish products. Contest runs August 14 through August 25. Questions? Check out our contest rules!