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Sugar 101: A Breakdown of Wholesome Organic Fair Trade Sugars

Not all sugar is created equal. From the way it’s processed to the plant it’s harvested from, many factors within the sugar supply chain can impact the taste, performance and quality of the end product. At Wholesome, we pride ourselves on sourcing high-quality Fair Trade and organic sugars. Here’s what makes our sugar so special.

When most people think of sugar, they think of refined white sugar, which has undergone a lengthy process to remove impurities. This process often involves chemical bleaching agents to achieve a bright white color, and the sugarcane and sugar beets used are usually genetically modified and treated with pesticides. Meanwhile, the workers that grow and produce this sugar may or may not have been treated fairly.

At Wholesome, we source sugarcane that’s grown organically, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Secondly, our products are Non-GMO Verified, which means no genetically modified crops were used in our sugar production. Third, all our products are Fair Trade Certified, which means we treat farmers fairly, paying them a living wage and supporting their communities through Fair Trade premiums. These premiums are used to build schools, purchase agricultural equipment, improve healthcare and more.

At Wholesome, we do business with heart and instill our mission in everything we do. We’re dedicated to creating positive, meaningful change in the world through our products, and we bring farmers and bakers together by creating better food.