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May 23, 2016

Is it better to buy organic honey or local honey?

Honey is one of those special foods that is not only delicious, but it can be good for you too! But what kind should you buy? Some people say local honey; others say organic honey. What determines this? In the great debate over what kind of honey is best, Organic Honey always wins. In fact, in a recent study, the FDA found round-up in conventional honey. You mustchoose Organic if you want the best for you and your family.

Honey Category

Keep scrolling for 5 reasons why Organic Honey is better for everyone:

  1. Organic Honey is free from chemicals.The bees that make organic honey only feed on organic wildflowers. We know this because bees will only travel up to five miles from their hives to collect pollen, and the flowers found within a five mile radius of our hives are organic. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are never used on the flowers, so the bees arent exposed to that residue when they are collecting pollen. That means you and your loved ones are also never exposed.brazilian_wildflower
  1. Pollen can be good for you. Organic Raw Honey retains natural pollens, which have been shown to aid in seasonal allergy symptoms. To maximize the many benefits of honey, you will want to be sure and choose Organic Honey, every time.
  1. There are no extra ingredients. No sugars or fillers are ever added to Organic Honey. Only 1 ingredient: Honey.
  1. It protects the bees. Organic beehives are never treated with antibiotics, as can be the case with nonorganic beehives. This protects the bees from Colony Collapse Disorder (and you!). This helps the bees to live a healthy life which is great for all of us considering bees pollenate everything from almonds to zucchini. According to the USDA, 1 in 3 bites of food we consume owes its propagation to bees.
  1. Its better for the environment. The hives and the areas surrounding them are in certified Organic and Non-GMO agriculture zones, and the beekeepers work to protect the native plants in the area, encouraging biodiversity. This is not only sustainable, but it also cares for the environment.

Here at Wholesome! we strive to provide the best-tasting, cleanest products to you and your loved ones. We also strive to provide the best care for our planet and all its beings. Organic Life Magazine recently wrote, The bees take care of us. We need to take better care of them. We agree. Take care of you, take care of the bees, and take care of our planet.

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