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May 2, 2019

Celebrating World Fair Trade Day the Mindfully Delicious Way


With World Fair Trade Day coming up on Saturday May 11th, it’s the perfect time to think about all of the wonderful benefits of buying fair trade. We’re proud that all Wholesome products are Fair Trade Certified. Wholesome organic sugars, honey, and treats are more than delicious—they’re mindfully delicious. When you purchase Wholesome products, you help sweeten lives for others. Here’s how:  When you purchase Wholesome Fair Trade Certifiedproducts, Wholesome pays an additional premium back to our farming co-ops on top of the prices they receive for the crops they grow. Co-op farmers the vote on how to use the funds for education, healthcare, and community improvement. Here are a few of our favorite benefits of Fair Trade:

1. Community empowerment.

We couldn’t bring you mindfully delicious treats without our farmers and beekeepers. So we worked hard to ensure they got a fair price for their crops and pioneered bringing Fair Trade Organic Sugar, Honey and Agave to North America.  Some consider this Fair Trade. We simply consider it fair. Because it truly empowers our partners with life-changing resources to help their communities—from building schools for kids to making sure families can get the medical care they need.

 2. Fair Trade is better for the planet.

Fair Trade standards prohibit the use of the most harmful chemicals and take measures to protect the natural resources of our beautiful planet.

3. Supporting women and children.

Did you know that many Fair Trade farmers are women? When you support Fair Trade, you empower women around the world.  Fair Trade standards also prevent the use of child labor and provide additional resources for farmers to send their children to school.

Join us in our mission to make life a little sweeter for all. Here are a few Fair Trade Certified products that we love that would make great Mother’s Day gift basket gifts.

DdPq252zRvSnTHPhOynM_2018_0910_WholesomeSweeteners_fairtradesugar_1lb-4c72218b1e09495e9a21bf537c1ae39a6921c985-300x188  DdPq252zRvSnTHPhOynM_2018_0910_WholesomeSweeteners_fairtradesugar_1lb-4c72218b1e09495e9a21bf537c1ae39a6921c985-300x188  DdPq252zRvSnTHPhOynM_2018_0910_WholesomeSweeteners_fairtradesugar_1lb-4c72218b1e09495e9a21bf537c1ae39a6921c985-300x188

Allegro Handcrafted Coffee would be delicious sweetened with Wholesome Fair Trade Organic Sugar.

We highly recommend adding Wholesome Fair Trade Organic Honey to your favorite flavor of Choice Fair Trade Organic Teas.

Endangered Species Chocolate empowers farmers and fuels conservation efforts of endangered animals.

We also love snacking on brand new Wholesome Fair Trade Organic Brittle Thins snacks or Fair Trade Organic Delish Fish gummy candy.