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March 19, 2019

Easter crafts that adults and kids will love


Who says kids get to have all of the fun on Easter?  These sweet DIY Easter crafts are a perfect excuse to step up your Instagram game while creating beautiful and good-for-you treats at the same time!  Elegantly colored, naturally dyed Easter eggs, along with a sweet and revitalizing Jelly Bean Lip Scrub will chase away the winter blues and have you ready to celebrate Spring!  So what are you waiting for? Hop to it!


DIY Natural Egg Dye


Have you ever worried about the harsh and concentrated chemicals used to dye traditional Easter Eggs? Well, good news–it is amazingly easy to dye Easter Eggs with simple, everyday ingredients you probably already have in the pantry.  Not only is it better for you, but after you see the subtle and elegant colors of the finished eggs, you will never buy a dye tablet again.


The process for dying the eggs is basically the same for all of the colors.  The goal is to create a deep, richly colored liquid to dip those eggs!  Different ingredients may require longer (or no) boiling time to get to the color you are looking for–so use your best judgment (I promise you won’t be graded on this).


There are many ingredients that make all kinds of beautifully colored eggs.  We chose the ones that were cheap, easy, or already in our pantry.



Ingredient Amount Color Water Vinegar Simmer Time
Turmeric 2 Tbsp Yellow 2 cups 2 tbsp 5 min
Instant Coffee 2 Tbsp Brown 2 cups 2 tbsp 5 min
Cranberry Juice 2 cups Purple/Green None 2 tbsp None
Red Cabbage 3 cups Pale Blue 2 cups 2 tbsp 20 min


To Make the Dye:

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 1.5 hours (30 minutes active time)


  1. Combine water and dye ingredient in a saucepan and bring to a boil
  2. Simmer on low until the desired color is reached–the darker the better.  Use a lid if you are simmering for more than 10 minutes to prevent evaporation
  3. Remove from heat and cool
  4. Pour and/or strain into wide mouth mason jars or coffee cups
  5. Add vinegar to help the colors bind


Sweet Tip: Gather your kids around and watch what happens when you add vinegar to the red cabbage juice! Red Cabbage Juice is considered a neutral indicator and will change colors based on its pH level.  When you are done with the dye, you can change the juice color again by adding baking soda–just be prepared for some bubbles and clean up. 


For the Eggs:

  1. Boil your eggs to taste
  2. Remove naturally occurring oils from the eggshells by giving them a dip in warm soapy water.
  3. Rinse
  4. Place eggs in the dye and wait for the magic to happen
  5. Immediately check the eggs and assume you did something wrong with the cabbage dye because the color hasn’t changed yet (you didn’t; this one just takes a long time!)
  6. Pop the eggs and dye bath into the fridge for 30 minutes (or more)

Note: Be wary of cracked eggs.  They may absorb the flavor of some of the more potent dyes

  1. Scoop out the eggs with a slotted spoon or tongs
  2. Once your eggs reach the color you want, place them on a cookie rack to dry
  3. You can also experiment with egg colors by going for round 2 in a different dye bath.  We’d love to hear about your favorite color combinations! Tag us on social media using #WholesomeSweet.
  4. (Optional) Naturally dyed eggs have a matte finish when dry.  If you think your eggs lackluster, use a paper towel to rub them with olive or coconut oil for a pretty shine.


Sweet Tip: Do you want to score even more brownie points? Impress the kids (and adults alike) by using the leftover dye to attempt the rainbow walking water science experiment.




Jelly Bean Lip Scrub


Are your lips feeling rough and dry after the long winter? This DIY Jelly Bean Lip Scrub is a perfect sweet treat to help your Easter guests feel renewed and refreshed or to just treat yourself! You can also experiment with different types of sugars, oils, and nectars to find the combination you love the most.  Switch out the Cane Sugar and Honey for Organic Coconut Palm Sugar or Blue Agave for a more tropical feel.


At Surf Sweets, we love DIY–especially when it comes to products we put on and into our bodies. Not only is it fun and inexpensive, but we can actually control the type of ingredients we are (and aren’t) using. Organic Honey has natural antibacterial properties that can benefit healthy skin. Wholesome Organic Honey is also pesticide-free unlike most local conventional honey so you get the purest honey available for your body and for a sustainable environment.


Lip Scrub Instructions

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 15 minutes


What you’ll need:


  • Food Processor or Blender
  • Mesh Strainer
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Mixing Bowl




Step One: Make the Jelly Bean Powder

While we separated our Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans into two color families before mixing, it is definitely not necessary. Place about 1 cup of jelly beans into a sturdy blender or food processor, cover, and grind away.  Be warned, this gets loud and shakey.  After 3-4 minutes of blending, you will have a mixture of a fine powder and gummy solids.  Pour the mixture through a mesh strainer to separate and discard the solids.



Step Two: Combine Ingredients

Next, heat the coconut oil until it liquifies.

Then, combine 1 Tbsp sugar, 1 tsp jelly bean powder, ½ tsp coconut oil, and  ¼ tsp honey.  Use the back of your spoon to mash and stir until well combined.

Use a small mason jar to store the scrub, or purchase an adorable set of ½ oz glass jars and give away as gifts!



Step Three: How to Use

To apply, scoop a generous amount of scrub onto your finger and gently massage onto your lips to exfoliate.  Try not to lick it all off while you let it sit for 1-2 minutes.  Use warm water to rinse and finish by applying your favorite lip balm.


Step Four: Enjoy

Enjoy your smooth, plump and delicious lips!



With these DIY Easter crafts, you’re sure to have a hopping good time with the whole family! What is your favorite DIY way to celebrate Easter? Let us know by tagging #WholesomeSweet and #SurfSweets on social.