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Liquid Sweeteners (29)

1 . Can Wholesome! Organic Molasses be substituted for brown sugar in a recipe?

If Wholesome! Organic Sugar is added in conjunction with the organic molasses the substitution should work. Part of the joy of baking with organic brown sugar is the combination of structure and texture that sucrose offers complemented by the molasses flavor profile. We recommend mixing 1/4 cup molasses into[...]

2 . Does Wholesome! Organic Raw Honey have a low Glycemic Index?

No, honey is not a low glycemic sweetener. In order for a product to be considered low on the Glycemic Index, it needs to be below 50, and the honey is above that with a range between 60-70.

3 . Why are there differences in color in Wholesome! Organic Raw Honey?

Organic Honey is sourced deep in the forests of southern Mexico and the Amazonian jungles in Brazil. The bees forage on many varieties of jungle flora during the honey-producing season. It is therefore a multi-floral honey. As the year progresses the honey is inclined to darken due to[...]

4 . Is pollen removed from Wholesome! Organic Honey during processing?

Wholesome! Organic Raw Honey is minimally strained to keep most of the natural pollen properties within it. It is not heated over 110 degrees F to ensure all the natural enzymes are left within the honey.

5 . What can you do with Wholesome! Organic Blackstrap Molasses?

Wholesome! Organic Blackstrap Molasses has multiple uses, including cooking, baking, and nutritional benefits. Please visit our website for a comprehensive list of organic molasses recipes.

6 . Is Wholesome! Organic Blackstrap Molasses unsulphered?

Yes, Wholesome! Organic Blackstrap Molasses is unsulphered. In the days before multi-vitamins, molasses was treasured for its nutritional values.

7 . Are there any enzymes added to Wholesome! Organic Molasses?

No enzymes are added to our Organic Molasses. It contains only the natural enzymes that are already prevalent in this organic sugar cane. We do not add any preservatives or additives.

8 . Is organic agave similar to high fructose corn syrup?

No, there are tremendous differences between the organic blue agave and high fructose corn syrup and how they are made.  For a detailed explanation, please see our Agave Facts vs. Fiction page.

9 . Where does Wholesome! grow the corn to make the Organic Light Corn Syrup?

Wholesome! Organic Light Corn Syrup is produced in Austria from guaranteed GMO-free organic corn, our light corn syrup is a blend of organic corn syrup, organic glucose syrup, and organic vanilla extract. Wholesome! Organic Light Corn Syrup is organically certified, produced without chemicals, additives, or artificial flavors.  

10 . What is the “Natural Vanilla Flavor” in Wholesome! Organic Light Corn Syrup?

The natural vanilla flavor comes from organic vanilla extract.