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Liquid Sweeteners (29)

21 . What is the chemical makeup of Wholesome! Agave?

Wholesome! Fair Trade Organic Blue Agave on is made up of 75% Fructose, 20% Dextrose and the balance is inulin (dietary fiber) and mannitol.

22 . Why does my agave have bubbles at the top? Is this normal and safe?

Our Agave ships from Sugar Land, Texas to stores all over the country. Sometimes the bottles get jostled during the shipping process which produces the bubbles. Since the liquid is so thick, the bubbles to stick around for a little while. But don’t worry, Wholesome! Organic Agave is[...]

23 . Why is Wholesome! Organic Raw Blue Agave darker than the Organic Light Blue Agave?

When the blue agave is crushed, the juice (inulin, an oligofructose) oxidizes instantly. At the beginning of the conversion process, all of our organic agave nectar is a dark brown liquid. While the heating process defines our agave’s “Raw” condition, it’s the filtering that defines the color and[...]

24 . What percent of fructose is in Wholesome! Organic Agaves?

75% fructose, 20% glucose (also called dextrose), with small amounts of inulin and mannitol. Agave is a naturally occurring fructose, much like the fructose in apples. High Fructose Corn Syrup is a manufactured fructose. Corn does not produce fructose naturally it has to be chemically altered. Wholesome! Organic[...]

25 . What is the pH of Wholesome! Organic Agave?

Wholesome! Organic Agaves are acidic with a pH ranging from 4.3 to 4.8.

26 . What is the difference between Wholesome! Organic Blue Agave and Wholesome! Organic Raw Blue Agave?

Wholesome! offers two types of agave. Our Fairtrade Organic Blue Agaves are a natural sweetener extracted from the core of the Blue Agave plant. Both the light and raw agaves are sweet, mild and 25% sweeter than sugar, so more is less! They are the perfect multi-purpose sweetener[...]

27 . What is the difference between agave nectar and agave syrup?

The two terms are interchangeable. The only thing present in Wholesome! Organic Agave is 100% Syrup/Nectar from the Organic Blue Agave plant.

28 . How is Organic Blue Agave Syrup made?

Organic Blue Agave succulent plants shape the native landscape, adding color and character to thousands of acres of Jalisco’s subtropical region. Blue agave (Agave tequilana var. Weber), a member of the Agavaceae family (cousin to Joshua trees and yucca plants), is a slow-growing plant that spreads runners from[...]

29 . Is organic agave similar to high fructose corn syrup?

No, there are tremendous differences between the organic blue agave and high fructose corn syrup and how they are made.  For a detailed explanation, please see our Agave Facts vs. Fiction page.