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Packaging (11)

1 . Is the Pancake Syrup Bottle and Cap Recyclable?

Yes, Recycle #5 Polypropylene. 

2 . What type of plastic is used for the Organic Raw Unfiltered Honey bottle?

PET, Recyclable #1.  The bottle and cap are both BPA Free.

3 . Are the bottle and cap for Organic Honey recyclable?

Yes, the bottle is #1 PET and cap is #5 PP

4 . Is the plastic that Wholesome! uses BPA free?

Yes, all of Wholesome! plastics are BPA free.

5 . Are the caps on Wholesome! Organic Agave bottles recyclable?

Yes, the caps are recyclable. The caps are PP #5 and are usually recycled through curbside programs, which turn them into brooms, brushes, pallets, racks, rakes, bins and trays.

6 . How do I read the code stamped on your bags and bottles?

The code you see on Wholesome! bottles, bags and boxes is called a Julian Date. The first two numbers denote the year that the product was produced (“13” would reflect a production year of 2013). The three numbers in the middle of the code denote the day of[...]

7 . Are the Frosting jars and lids BPA free?

Yes, the jars and lids are BPA Free.

8 . Are the frosting jars and lids recyclable?

Yes, the Frosting jars and lids are recyclable.

9 . Is the Pancake Syrup bottle BPA free?

Yes, the Pancake Syrup bottle is BPA Free.

10 . Is the Pancake Syrup cap BPA free?

Yes, the Pancake Syrup cap is BPA Free.