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Sugar (26)

11 . My Billington’s sugars have become hard. How can I soften them to their original?

Billington’s Sugars are All-Natural products from the tropical Island of Mauritius. If they become hard, mainly caused by cold, dry weather, pour the sugar into a medium bowl and cover with a damp paper towel or dish cloth. Leave it overnight and the sugars will reabsorb the moisture.[...]

12 . Where can I find Billington’s Sugars?

You can find Billington’s Sugars on our Online Store or at

13 . Is corn starch used to make Wholesome! Organic Powdered Sugar?

No. Wholesome! Organic Powdered Sugar is made with organic tapioca starch to prevent caking. You can be sure Wholesome! Organic Powdered Sugar is made with tapioca starch by checking the label on the bag under the ingredients listing.

14 . Why is my Wholesome! Organic Powdered Sugar clumpy and what can I do about it?

Wholesome! Organic Powdered Sugar is made from the highest quality Fair Trade Organic Sugar. Because the Fairtrade Organic Sugar has a higher molasses content than refined powdered sugar, it subsequently also has higher moisture content. This molasses or moisture content is the culprit behind the clumping. To remove[...]

15 . Why is Wholesome! Organic Powdered Sugar white?

Wholesome! Organic Powdered Sugar is made by pulverizing Wholesome! Organic Sugar. Since that sugar is light in color, the powdered sugar is also light in color. No bleaching agents are ever added to any Wholesome! sugars.

16 . What temperature is Wholesome! Organic Sucanat heated to?

The highest temperature that Wholesome! Organic Sucanat reaches during processing is 120 degrees Celsius, or 248 degrees Fahrenheit.

17 . What is the glycemic index of Wholesome! Organic Coconut Sugar?

Wholesome! Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is medium glycemic with an index of 65. Given the variability of how individuals’ different bodies metabolize sugar, the glycemic index of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar falls within a scientific statistical range of 58-72.

18 . Are Wholesome! sugars refined?

All Wholesome! sugar cane products are minimally processed (unrefined) directly from the sugar cane. The sugar cane is simply crushed to extract the juice. The juice is heated to evaporate the moisture and concentrate the sugar which is then crystallized and dried. This minimal physical, processing retains a[...]

19 . How much sugar cane does it take to produce one bag of Wholesome! Fair Trade Organic Sugar?

It takes about 10 pounds of organic sugar cane to make 1 pound of Wholesome! Organic Sugar.

20 . What is the glycemic index of Wholesome! Fair Trade Organic Sugar?

There are two indexes that may be used to determine the glycemic index. On the “White Bread Scale” = 92 On the “Glucose Scale” = 64