Many people have heard of Fair Trade, but they might not know exactly what it is. In short, Fair Trade programs empower farmers and workers to fight poverty in ways that improve their lives and protect the environment. Fair Trade helps ensure that farmers and workers are paid fair prices and wages, work in safe conditions, and earn community development funds to improve their lives. Fair Trade premiums provide access to education, help improve healthcare systems, fund essential community infrastructure such as wells for clean drinking water, and more. Communities democratically vote on how Fair Trade premiums should be used depending on what their communities need, and everyone gets an equal say.

At Wholesome, we believe that Fair Trade is the only way to do business. Two decades ago, Wholesome became the first company to establish Fair Trade standards for sugar, honey and agave, and over the years, we’ve donated over 23 million dollars in Fair Trade premiums – and our work has only just begun. We will continue to bring more of the highest quality baking and sweetening options to your families table, positively impacting more communities around the world. If these efforts have taught us anything, it’s that supporting communities is key to bringing people together.

To make sure that the farmers and workers who produce Fair Trade Certified™ goods are always paid fairly, Fair Trade International and Fair Trade USA regularly audit transactions between U.S. companies offering Fair Trade Certified products and the international suppliers from whom they source.

Currently, we source our Fair Trade sugars, agaves, and honeys from a few countries, including Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, and Malawi.


We encourage recycling whenever possible, which is why our pouches are made of #4 recyclable material. Wholesome utilizes laminated films for retail packaging due to puncture resistance, moisture barrier capabilities, and odor/aroma resistance. As sugar can absorb aromas from its surroundings a proper seal is critical to maintaining freshness and high quality.

Wholesome bottles and caps are also recyclable and are usually recycled through curbside programs, which turn them into brooms, brushes, pallets, racks, rakes, bins and trays.

Many Wholesome products are qualified to use the following: