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What is Demerara Sugar?

All Wholesome! sugars are unrefined. The absolute minimum physical processing is done to lock-in the natural sugar cane molasses in the final product. The cane juice is simply squeezed, heated and crystallized. None of the further chemical processes to produce refined white and brown sugars are used including the use of chemical flocculents, animal bone char and bleaches. Demerara typically has distinctive large-crystal that retains about 1%-2% of the natural cane molasses. It is also free-flowing so it is not sticky like a soft brown style sugar would be. It’s large crunchy crystal and unique, rounded flavor makes it perfect for coffee sweetening, meat glazes and toppings. The name demerara comes from the Demerara river located in Guyana in South America. Along the banks of the river were the sugar mills that first produced this special sugar product, hence the descriptive name that is attributed to this style of product. Malawi in Africa & Mauritius in the Indian Ocean are now the world’s premier producers of ‘Demerara’ sugar.