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What is Muscovado Sugar?

All Wholesome! and Billington’s sugars are unrefined. The absolute minimum physical processing is done to lock-in the natural sugar cane molasses in the final product. The cane juice is simply squeezed, heated and crystallized. None of the further chemical processes to produce refined white and brown sugars are used including the use of chemical flocculents, animal bone char and bleaches. Muscovado Sugar is a fine, soft, crystalized sticky sugar that retains between 8% and 10% of the natural molasses following crystallization.

It is the real traditional unrefined soft brown sugar that retains the genuine molasses from the sugar cane. Refined brown sugars are made by coloring or ‘painting’ white refined sugar with syrups and/or refined molasses. Try Muscovado against a refined brown sugar and really ‘Taste the Difference’. Muscovado originated from the Portuguese language and is believed to describe the seepage of the molasses through the crystal sugar in a ‘bin’. This would leave a Light Muscovado Sugar at the top, a Dark Muscovado in the middle and the strongest Molasses Sugar at the bottom.