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October 21, 2019

It’s The Holiday Season: How to Prepare for Guests with Special Diets

We’re coming up on the holiday season! Getting family and friends together is always cause for celebration, especially where a great meal is concerned. But it can be stressful to entertain a houseful of guests – particularly if one of your loved ones has a food allergy or other dietary restrictions.  Wholesome and Surf Sweets products can take care of that stress for you – here are a few tips to enjoy your holidays worry-free.


Start preparing early


You’ve made a (guest) list and checked it twice. You know when your guests will be arriving, so what can you do to make their stay special? If your cousin loves to snack but has a peanut allergy, we recommend having a few snackable allergy-friendly options on hand, like our Organic Jelly Beans or Gummy Bears.


Of course, is it really the holidays if you don’t have a supply of Candy Canes? We’ve got you covered there, too. Ours are organic, vegan, Certified Gluten Free and made in a nut-free facility.



Make cleaning the house… fun?


Turns out, you can channel your inner Mary Poppins. Having house guests over usually means the whole family pitches in on cleaning the house from top to bottom. Amid moans and groans (no kid REALLY likes putting their shoes away, right?), you can make it a fun activity with music and mini-games to make the day go by.


One of the areas that is essential to think about, especially where food allergies are involved, is the kitchen. Check out a few of these food-allergy-friendly cleaning tips from the University of Michigan:


  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces and cooking tools (a dishwasher is best) before cooking, as the allergen may be in your kitchen from previous use.
  • Use separate or thoroughly washed utensils to cook allergy-friendly dishes.
  • Wash your hands before and after coming into contact with the allergen.
  • Keep foods covered to avoid cross-contamination through splatter.


The family that bakes together…


If you want to spend some quality family time with your guests (or even before your guests arrive!), a perfect way is to bake something together. We love this great recipe for Pumpkin Orange Cookies, made with organic, fair trade sugar.



But let’s not forget that there may be some family members who have recently changed the dietary lifestyle, like someone who wants to stick to Keto through the holidays. Want to be considerate of dietary restrictions without sacrificing taste? Try these scrumptious Keto Chocolate Truffles! They’re vegan AND gluten-free.


And during the festivities…


Don’t forget the games!


Games aren’t just for kids. Instead of crowding around the TV or staring individually at your phones, pick a game the whole family can enjoy like Bingo, pumpkin “bowling”, or go around the table and play a round of the Thankful Alphabet Game – just like it sounds, start with naming something that begins with the letter “A” that you’re thankful for, and have the rest of the family follow suit all the way to Z! It’s sure to be a great time with lots of laughter and love.



Practice self-care


Spending time with others during the holidays is a great way to create cherished memories, but you should also remember to take time out for yourself, even if just for a few minutes!


We love how Asutra’s all natural self-care products provide the perfect excuse to carve out a little ‘me’ time. Pamper yourself with one of their body scrubs or try an aromatherapy mist.


Find a peaceful space to regroup or even just go out for a walk and clear your head. You deserve a good time too! If you’re exhausted, then no one will be having fun.