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February 16, 2018

Wholesome Organic Honey:
Pesticide-Free. Purely Delicious.

What is it about Wholesome Organic Honey that stands out from the rest? That’s simple. It’s everything.

Wholesome Organic Honey is pure and pesticide-free, unlike local honey. It’s harvested from protected hives deep in tropical forests. Honeybees can only fly up to 4 or 5 miles from their hives and we ensure our hives are far away from conventional, chemically grown agriculture and exposure to GMOs or pollutants.  Wholesome also tests our organic honey monthly to ensure it stays free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

We keep more than just pesticides out of our honey. While other honey brands might be contaminated with antibiotics, pesticides, added sugars, or water, Wholesome only has a single ingredient—100% pure organic honey. Wholesome Organic Honey is straight from the hive. So not only is it pure, it’s purely delicious.


Non_Glyphosate_Certified-300x265                     Non_Glyphosate_Certified-300x265                        Non_Glyphosate_Certified-300x265                      Non_Glyphosate_Certified-300x265

At Wholesome, we can proudly say our honey is USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Non-Glyphosate Certified, Kosher, Fair Trade Certified, and Grade A.  Among other things, our process is better for hive health and the environment, which ultimately means that it’s better for you!

From warm teas and tasty smoothies to healthy eats and sweeter treats, our Organic Honey has that rich, golden-sweet flavor you love and can feel good about using in every honey recipe. Squeeze it into your morning coffee; drizzle it on Greek yogurt, blend it into a fresh fruit smoothie, or spread it on warm biscuits—there are so many ways to enjoy Wholesome Organic Honey!

Organic_Honey_Apple_Cider_recipe-300x300  Organic_Honey_Apple_Cider_recipe-300x300  Organic_Honey_Apple_Cider_recipe-300x300

Check out our full collection of Wholesome Organic Honey!  Click to save with a print-at-home Wholesome coupon, or buy Wholesome Organic Honeys online. Explore our honey recipes, or find a store near you in Wholesome’s store locator!