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March 4, 2015

How to Host Your Sweet Celebrations

Hosting 101

There’s a lot of pressure riding on the friend or parent planning a spring party. You want to keep everyone happy (and maybe even show off a little) but you also don’t want to pull all your hair out organizing all the details. Here are 3 tips to accomplish just that.

Help every guest feel welcome by accommodating food sensitivities– without alienating them.

As you plan a party’s menu, it can sometimes be challenging to feel like you’re addressing known (and unknown) food allergies and sensitivities. The trick is to find food that everyone can enjoy or have simple substitutions instead of creating a separate menu. Ideas include:

  • Fruit
  • Sandwiches with different bread and filling choices
  • Build-your-own sandwich, taco, ice cream sundae, etc. buffet
  • Pretzels and other hand-held snacks that also come in dietary restriction-friendly varieties
  • Celery with fillings like nut-free butters and raisins
  • Safe trail mix
  • A variety of cookies and cupcakes with vegan and food allergy-friendly options
  • Organic, allergy-friendly candy

Naturally Savvy has a handy printable to take with you to the grocery store so you can avoid foods that include “The Scary Seven.”


Crafts can do double duty!

Playing with your food for DIY crafts is an easy way to entertain and feed. Use the party craft ideas below (or get some Pinspiration) to set a pretty stage and a pretty table for your event. Guests will love picking a peach or watermelon bloom, bringing a butterfly home or nibbling from their bird’s nest place setting. You’ll use less, waste less and save more by having treats and decor work together!


Small details make a big impact.

You don’t need to do every single idea from your Pinterest boards to make a party perfect. Pick one or two ways to personalize your event, focusing on options that feel fun and doable. Ask for help from a few pals or enlist your kids in crafting and DIYing. Whether it’s an Easter party or a baby shower for a friend, your guests want you to enjoy yourself too! Staying up all night and being stressed the day of aren’t necessary, especially with a few of our do-ahead craft options.

Party planning can be as fun as the party itself! Here are some more ways to stay stress-free.

Party Craft Ideas

With these DIY crafts, no one will know just how simple hosting shindigs like baby showers and Easter parties is for you. All kid-friendly, they’re fun and easy ways to spend a crafternoon… you don’t even need a party as an excuse to do them!

Jelly bean butterflies

Baby shower jelly bean butterflies













What says spring and new starts more than butterflies? Not much, so these jelly bean butterflies are an especially sweet way to welcome the new season. Simple to make, easy to prep in advance, a great craft to work on with your child– it’s the perfect charming favor for a shower or party.


  • snack-sized sealable plastic bag
  • clothespins
  • crayon or marker
  • pipe cleaner
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • Organic Jelly Beans


jelly bean butterfly tutorial













  1. Color the clothespins or have your little helper color them. If you’re prepping for a bridal shower, use their wedding colors and just blue or pink for a baby shower.
  2. Glue googly eyes onto the clothespins and set aside to dry.
  3. Fill small plastic bags with jelly beans. Don’t fill it so much that the bag is overstuffed! You want to be able to seal it and create a space in the center for the clothespin.
  4. Center the clothespin and guide the snack bag through to create wings.
  5. Twist a pipe cleaner into two small circles to create antenna, then clip the center of the pipe cleaner at the top of the clothespin.


Paper bag bird nest

paper bag bird nest craft













There’s something charming, rustic and lovely about tiny nests made with brown paper bags (it’s a good chance to upcycle!), especially when they’re filled with the pretty spring colors of dye-free jelly beans! These make Instagram-worthy centerpieces or placeholders for a baby shower or an Easter egg hunt.



DIY paper bag bird nest tutorial













  1. Trace a 4-5 inch circle on a paper bag. We used a ramekin for the right size!
  2. You want two circles, so cut through both layers of the bag.
  3. From the outside of the circles, cut a spiral in towards the center.
  4. Glue the spirals together from the inside out.
  5. Let it dry! As it gets close to finishing drying, you can gently shape the bottom so the nest can stand on its own.
  6. Fill with jelly beans.

Gummy ring flower blooms

DIY watermelon ring flowers craft













This versatile and super simple craft is a fun way to think spring. Use watermelon or peach gummy rings…pick your favorite or use both for variety!


  • lollipop sticks
  • pipe cleaners
  • Vegan gummy fruit rings (in peach or watermelon)


gummy fruit ring flower tutorial













  1. Trim the lollipop sticks to varying lengths, if desired. (optional)
  2. Poke one end of the stick through a gummy ring.
  3. Twist the pipe cleaner ends to make leaves. They don’t have to all be perfect or all be the same size and shape!
  4. Twist the center of your leaves around the lollipop stick.
  5. If you want, “plant” your blooms in a pot full of jelly beans “pebbles” or create a bouquet for guests’ place settings.


Want more ideas? Here are some recipes for decorate-your-own spring snacks!
Spring is just around the corner, full of pretty pastels and sunshine celebrations. We hope these tips and crafts help you pass a few still-chilly days and successfully host a baby shower, brunch or other party! How will your gummy flowers bloom or where will your jelly bean butterflies land? Share your spring crafts using Surf Sweets by tagging us or using #SurfSweets.