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October 22, 2014

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Whether it’s due to another failed attempt at locating an ever elusive Frozen costume, an eleventh hour party invite or pure procrastination; putting together a last-minute Halloween costume is enough to send shivers down the spine of many a ghoul.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of unique last-minute Halloween costumes that look like a million bucks–but don’t cost nearly as much! Best of all, many of these items can be found in your very own pantry, closet or craft drawer!

A last-minute cactus costume is actually pretty easy!1. Cactus


Don’t get stuck without a costume this Halloween! This last-minute cactus costume will soften even the prickliest of hearts. All you need is a green top and bottom and a box of white straws to pin or sew to your tykes sweats.

In your closet: A green sweatsuit
In your pantry: White straws
For an extra touch: Pin a flower to the top of the sweatshirt hood or have your little desert flower rock it in her hair

Everyone will cheer for this last-minute costume!2. Ceiling Fan


Give me an F! Give me an A! Give me an N! Get the crowd roaring with this clever ceiling fan costume. To create the look, use sticky letters to spell-out ”Go Ceiling!” on a solid colored long-sleeved t-shirt and pair with a skirt. Don’t forget to bring pom poms and tennis shoes!

In your closet: A long sleeve shirt and skirt
In your craft drawer: Sticky letters that spell out ”Go Ceiling!”
For an extra touch: A pair of pom poms

This last-minute grape costume is sure to please crowds.3. A Bunch of Grapes


At TruSweets, we’re suckers for real fruits. Take your love for all things organic from farm to trick or treater with this sweet grape costume! For this bunch of grapes costume, blow up purple (or green) balloons and tape them to a purple (or green) t-shirt. Pair with bottoms in a coordinating color and top with a green beanie stem for a festive fruit-inspired ensemble.

In your closet: A purple (or green) shirt and pair of pants
In your craft drawer: A purple (or green) balloons and masking tape
For an extra touch: A green beanie

Throw together this last-minute costume in a pinch, no one will know!4. Lego


Did your kid go nuts and bolts for The Lego Movie? Let him or her wear their fandom on their sleeves with this quick lego costume. To make the costume: cover a box in red paint and cut head and arm holes, then glue the cups to the front. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

In your closet: A red shirt and bottoms
In your craft drawer: Red paint and scissors
In your pantry: Red plastic cups
In your garage: A cardboard box
For an extra touch: Write Lego on the base of each cup in Sharpie

This last-minute Halloween costume could work for a group, too!5. Domino


Knock down the competition with this easy domino outfit. Simply cut out a domino pattern out of black felt or construction paper and affix it to a white tee. Pair with black bottoms and prepare for the room to fall in love with your Halloween look! This also makes for a dynamic last-minute family or group costume.

In your closet: A white t-shirt and black pants
In your craft drawer: tape, black construction paper or felt, and scissors

Too cute for a last-minute costume, right?6. Pig in a Blanket


For a last-minute costume thats more treat than trick, a punny pig in a blanket costume can be achieved with a baby pink t-shirt, bottoms, and a cuddly blanket of your choice. Score bonus points with a pair of pig ears and a playful snout!

In your closet: A pink shirt and pair of pants
In your linen closet: A blanket
For an extra touch: A pair of pig ears and snout

This last-minute costume will show off you kid's creative side (and yours)!7. Painter


Paint the town red in this last-minute painter costume! To create the ensemble, pair a black tee with black bottoms. Cut a cardboard box into the shape of a paint palette and paint it with various color swatches. Accessorize the look with a black beret, paint brush, and a drawn-on mustache.

In your closet: A black shirt and pair of pants
In your craft drawer: Paint in various colors and a paint brush
In your garage: Cardboard box
For an extra touch: A black beret

This last-minute baby costume is sure to be a touchdown!8. Football


Turn your little butter ball into a football this Halloween! Dress your little one in a brown onesie and replicate the stitches of a football with masking tape. A last-minute baseball or basketball costume can also be achieved with a white or orange onesie and red or black tape.

In your closet: A brown onesie
In your craft drawer: Masking tape

This last-minute Halloween costume is super sweet!9. Jelly Beans


Our list of bite-sized costumes wouldn’t be complete without a proper homage to one of our Surf Sweets crowd favorites the jelly bean! Make your kiddie the bean of the ball with this easy costume idea. Simply blow up multi-colored balloons and attach them to your child’s outfit as outlined in the bunch of grapes costume. Then, cut out arm and head holes from a clear garbage and drape it over the balloons. Voila!

In your closet: A shirt and pair of pants in any color
In your craft drawer: Multi-colored balloons, scissors, and masking tape
Under your kitchen counter: A clear garbage bag
For an extra touch: Make a Surf Sweets logo and tape it to the outside of the garbage bag


Now that you’ve got your last-minute Halloween costumes figured out, don’t forget the most important part- the candy!