Let’s Bake Things Better

At Wholesome, we believe that true bakers are inherently generous. They make pie crusts from scratch, sift flour by hand, and add that extra yolk just because. At Wholesome, we celebrate bakers, during all times of year, to show that the caring and giving spirit that bakers have can help make the world a better, and more delicious, place.

That’s why we launched our #LetsBakeThingsBetter campaign, to inspire baking creativity that unites people together. We know there’s nothing like receiving a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from your neighbors, a homemade birthday cake made by loved ones or a loaf of banana bread from a friend, and through our #LetsBakeThingsBetter communications, we encourage and celebrate these small interactions that can make someone’s day, week or year, because we all need some baking love sometimes.

It’s through these simple acts of kindness that communities are born, and positive intentions are exchanged. It’s also through choosing sustainably sourced, Fair Trade products that we can have a positive impact on communities around the world. Just imagine the world we could create if we all baked, and shared, a little more often.

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