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April 22, 2015

Wholesome!™ Celebrates 14 Years of Sustainable, Eco-friendly Farming with Earth Day Video Release

Sugar Land, TX (April 22, 2015) – In honor of Earth Day, Wholesome!™ celebrates 14 years of sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture throughout its organic sweetener business. After revealing its new brand name and packaging last month, the company released a two minute video today recounting its origins in Organic and Fair Trade farming and pledging its continued commitment to sustaining a healthy planet.

Organic agriculture is the idea around which Wholesome! built its business. Beginning in 2001, Wholesome! began selling Organic Cane Sugar from Paraguay. Before long, organic cane sugar was in high demand in the U.S. and other opportunities arose to diversify the company’s organic sweetener line. Today, the company has more than 50 products all sourced from sustainable farms around the world and stands as the leading U.S. brand of Organic, Fair Trade and Non-GMO sugars, syrups, stevia, honey and molasses.


Organic Sugar from Paraguay
In Paraguay, sugar cane is “green cut” or hand-harvested; it’s never burned or sprayed with chemical fertilizers or pesticides, as is done in non-organic farming. The leafy tops of the sugar cane stalks are left in the field to nourish the soil and control weeds. The cane stalks are then crushed at the mill to extract the sweet sugar cane juice, which is then heated until the moisture fully evaporates leaving behind crystallized sugar. Fossil fuels are never used in the harvesting or production process since the crushed sugar cane stalks (called bagasse) are used to fuel the mill’s boilers. This in turn provides enough electricity for the mills.

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar from Indonesia
Equally sustainable is the farming of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar. On the island of Java, Indonesia, farmers enjoy a reliable living from the coconut palm trees that grow wild on their properties. Every day the farmers climb the trees and tap the nectar from the coconut palm flower at the top. The nectar is then heated in large kettles over fire and hand-stirred until it cools and crystallizes, leaving behind a rich brown sugar. Most importantly, the extraction process doesn’t harm the trees. The nectar is produced year round for up to 25-40 years while the trees also produce coconuts, and the trees are never cut down leaving the local environment intact.


About Wholesome!™
Wholesome! believes that life is sweeter when you pour your whole heart into all that you do. Formerly known as Wholesome Sweeteners, the Wholesome! brand is the nation’s leader in Fair Trade, Organic and Non-GMO sugars, molasses, syrups, stevia and honeys. Wholesome! has been committed to organics and staying on the cutting edge of eco-friendly agriculture since its founding in 2001. Wholesome! is dedicated to Fair Trade and partners with caring farming families across the globe ensuring them a fair price for their crops. Since 2005, Wholesome! has paid more than $10 million in Fair Trade premiums to farming co-operatives and partners worldwide helping bring clean water, electricity, schools and health care to villages in Malawi, Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay.

Visit WholesomeSweet.Com or contact Customer Service: 1(800) 680-1896 or CS@WholesomeSweet.Com.