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June 10, 2014


Calling all green thumbs!

Organic Molasses

If you’re an organic gardener, then you will be happy to know that the secret to growing more nutritious, flavorful fruits and vegetables sits right inside your pantry. It’s Organic Molasses.

For years, organic gardeners have used Organic Molasses as a natural fertilizer. Many swear by the fact that molasses improved the flavor, quality and overall yield of their crops. Even hydroponic gardeners who lack the nutritional benefits of soil, have developed ways of incorporating molasses into their systems so they do not miss out on its benefits.

So why is molasses so great for gardening? Let us explain:

Molasses provides vital nutrients to your plants. RCW Nurseries in Houston, TX says that the greatest benefit of using molasses as a fertilizer for your plants is that it cultivates healthy bacteria in the soil. The bacteria’s favorite food is sugar. The more sugar that is present, the faster the bacteria will grow. The bacteria will help break down nutrients into the soil, which your plant will then absorb.

Molasses can help you have a larger harvest, says Big Bloom Hydroponics. The greater the number of nutrients in a plant, the higher the quality and quantity of vegetation it will likely produce.


Molasses can enhance the flavor of your fruits and vegetables. Since it’s a natural sweetener, many gardeners claim that it actually improves the flavor of your fruits and vegetables (Big Bloom Hydroponics).

Molasses is a versatile fertilizer. After being properly diluted, organic gardeners say that it can be applied directly to soil, added to a hydroponic water system or sprayed directly on the leaves of the plant. With any of these methods, the plants will absorb the solution.

Molasses keeps the bugs away. This might sound strange, but its true! RCW Nurseries explains that molasses will raise the sugar content in plants. If a bug eats a plant with this high of sugar, it will die.

If you are a hydroponic gardener, then the website Hydroponic Economics recommends mixing 1 part organic molasses to 100 parts boiling water. Make sure that the mixture is completely dissolved and let it cool before adding it to your hydroponic system.

Interested in giving molasses a try in your garden? Be sure to use organic unsulphered blackstrap molasses, since it contains the highest number of vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, copper and calcium.

We hope you found this information helpful and will share your molasses gardening successes stories with us! Wholesome! Organic Molasses comes in 16oz and 32oz sizes, as well as, 5 gallon pails.  Check out these great organic unsulphured molasses recipes below.