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August 12, 2020

Summer Recipes for Your Next Family Game Night


“Staying in” and “summer” don’t typically go hand-in-hand, but we’re here to help make it fun! Embrace that homebody life and have weekly game night to keep everyone excited and on their feet. There’s nothing quite like a little competitive spirit, after all.


Skip the typical, easy pickings like pretzels and veggie platters and trade them in for new and creative treats that will keep the fun on the sweet side. We may not have the tips and tricks to help you own the whole Monopoly Boardwalk in record time, but we DO have some recipes that will keep the entire fam on their best behavior.


From appetizer, to snacks, and finishing with two dessert options that will please even the pickiest of eaters, here are some Game Night themes that can be brought to life by these eats:


The Movie Theater
  • Break out your games (Scene It, Pictionary, Charades) and serve a cinema-inspired menu featuring Pigs in a Blanket (keto friendly AND gluten free) – because movie theater hot dogs are the best kind – and our take on traditional popcorn: Coconut Sugar Kettle Corn.


The Sleepover
  • Retro games taking up real estate in your closet? Now’s the time to whip ‘em out. Candyland, Operation, and Sorry! are the perfect accompaniment to a sleepover-inspired menu. Keep it simple with quick-bite desserts like refreshing Strawberry Cantaloupe Popsicles and nostalgic Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes before everyone hits the hay.


DIY Game Night
  • The above recipes can all be made from scratch (click the links for each recipe!) and we totally encourage the entire fam to get involved. Pair the food with a homemade Guess Who? set up (if you’re feeling fancy) or your take on Chutes and Ladders, and be entertained – and satisfied – for hours!


We hope you love these recipes as much as we do! If you make them, be sure to tag @WholesomeSweet #WholesomeSweet.