Wholesome Agave: Pure, Natural Sweetness Sustainably Harvested from Mexico

Agave syrup is a natural wonder. Harvested by hand from the Weber Azul blue agave plant, agave syrup is simply the juice that is extracted from the plant, heated, and filtered. The result is a smooth, sweet, pure syrup that adds natural sweetness to foods and beverages. Nothing added, nothing subtracted, just one of nature’s products packaged for enjoyment and everyday use.

The benefits of agave syrup are numerous, but one of the main differentiators of agave vs. other sweeteners is that it has a low-glycemic index, meaning it doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar (the body absorbs it slowly and it helps maintain even energy levels throughout the day). Additionally, agave is super dissolvable which makes it a great option for hot or cold beverage and cocktail sweetening. What’s more, is that agave is sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way! You only need a small amount when swapping out sugar or any other type of sweetener. Finally, it is a great sugar substitute for baking and can bring low glycemic sweetness to cookies, cakes, or pies.

Wholesome is the leading brand of Organic Blue Agave in North America, and we source directly from farmers in Jalisco, Mexico. For years, we’ve worked directly with farming communities to not only source the most pure, organic agave on the planet, but to support the harvesting communities and act as stewards of the land. Because we have undergone the Fair Trade certification process for our agave sourcing, we pay premiums to agave growers that are used to benefit the community in different ways, including building homes for families that need them, providing education and healthcare, building community infrastructure and more. During the Covid Pandemic, our premiums were used to purchase laptop computers for families so that children could participate in remote learning.  In addition to Fair Trade programs, our agave partners also employ many sustainability programs to reduce environmental impact as much as possible and have enacted several programs to support diversity and gender equality within their organizations.

Wholesome Organic Fair Trade Blue Agave and Organic Fair Trade Raw Blue Agave (which is heated at a lower temperature and undergoes less filtration than Blue Agave, retaining a more full-bodied flavor profile) are available at leading natural and conventional retailers as well as at wholesomesweet.com.





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