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September 15, 2020

Why Choose Fair Trade? | Honey as it Should Bee

You’ve probably heard of Fair Trade and seen the label on our packages, but what does it all mean? In honor of National Honey Month, we’re giving you the breakdown on why your purchase matters and how your support promotes our promise for a better world.

In 2008, we launched the first Fair Trade Organic Honey in North America! Not only is our honey delicious, but it makes life sweeter for our production partners and the planet. Let’s dive into the main pillars of the Fair Trade certification, starting with where the magic happens — our beekeepers!

Providing Safe Working Conditions + Protecting the Environment

We source our honey from dedicated organic zones in the jungles of Northern Brazil, where honeybees forage on natural wildflowers. Our beekeepers are committed to raising bees and harvesting honey in the most sustainable way possible — this means protecting the native plant population and ensuring a pesticide-free environment. These standards encourage healthy bee populations and keep our beekeepers safe.

Aerial View

Fostering Sustainable Livelihoods + Empowering Communities

Many global supply chains struggle to distribute value equitably. When businesses lower retail prices to compete in the market at the expense of the most vulnerable, producers may not even receive payment to cover the cost of production. Fair Trade standards empower producers to negotiate an equitable exchange for their goods and ensure fair wages and benefits for workers. These protections help fight poverty and support economic growth. In fact, the Fair Trade Minimum Price has accumulated over $260 million in benefit to producers since 1998. Market partners also pay a premium on each Fair Trade product sold. These additional funds go directly to producers to support their communities. Community members will then vote on how to use these Community Development Funds, which often go towards essentials like housing, healthcare, and education.


Diego Gallardo, 21, sits inside an ambulance, which was bought with the Fair Trade Community Development Fund.


Siblings Anastasia Rodriguez (left), 66, Artemia Rodriguez (center), 72, and Sebastian Rodriguez, 63, sit in front of a small home that was built with the Fair Trade Community Development Fund.

Did you know? —many Fair Trade farmers are women. Fair Trade ensures equal pay and equal representation in deciding how to use Community Development Funds!


Fair Trade standards offer a more responsible and ethical way of doing business, which means doing the right thing for our producers, their families, and the planet. Next time you’re in the grocery store and see the Fair Trade label on our honey, join us in making life a little sweeter for all.

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